Beards Based On Your Zodiac Sign


With beards gaining more and more popularity and reading horoscopes becoming one of the least popular things in the world, it only makes sense that we’d try to combine the two and see what happens. Either we all start caring about Zodiac signs or we stop caring about beards. Either way, society will evolve to its next level.

Join me in my little social experiment and let’s find out which beard styles best fit your Zodiac sign.


Aries prefer life the simple way, so a good clean shave won’t hurt.

Aries | Brain Berries


A nice, full, manly beard is best for a Taurus. These confident and strong men need to show off their facial hair!

Taurus | Brain Berries


Remade famous by RDJ’s Iron Man, a circle beard really looks great on a Gemini and brings out their creative personality.

Gemini | Brain Berries


The clever Cancer is best off going for a Bandholz style – he’ll be sure to turn quite a few heads that way!

Cancer | Brain Berries


A decent Leo needs to look raw and wild, so any kind of long unkempt beard will be fine.

Leo | Brain Berries


A proper extended goatee is perfect for the Virgo man. It’s not too short, not too long and it looks great on every outfit.

Virgo | Brain Berries


A Libra is best off with a proper anchor beard.  It’s balanced and unusual, much like a typical Libra.

Libra | Brain Berries


Scorpio males can’t go wrong with a nice stubble.

Scorpio | Brain Berries


Much like the Aries, a Sagittarius is best off sticking to a nice clean shave. Sometimes, the best beard is just to have no beard at all.

Sagittarius | Brain Berries


Goatees and Capricorn go together like it’s nobody’s business.

Capricorn | Brain Berries


A proper Aquarius, being a man of the water, requires a Viking beard the likes of which the world has never seen before.

Aquarius | Brain Berries


I mean, if your Zodiac sign literally means fish, you’d better be going for that Jason Momoa-style Aquaman beard.

Pisces | Brain Berries